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Is a great way to learn to be a basic Midwife in 3rd world or emergency situations. Its also a good add on to MTB training as its a live overview  of prenatal, birth and PP using the book for Midwives. Teaching is done via wiziq (live seminar format) and is also recorded. can be started anytime as classes repeat.  see tab under MTBI out line for more info. come join us as we train/learn with others from around the world !


Clinical trips :  none at this time planed ..will post when one comes up

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In Moodle you will be asked to create an account. Once you do, begin at Phase 1, Unit 1 with the code you will be given once your registration and first unit fee is received.

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Weekly chat on WIZIQ

This is a free chat about Midwife To Be course every wed at 3 PM EST, just before the MTBI class. If your thinking about being a Midwife, need help getting started with MTB , have a question about a test or just need some motivation... come log in to say hi and get questions answered. Love to meet some of you. Will try to be there every week unless called to a birth.
(Link is under getting started / helps/ last line)