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 Clinical trips

Just did  a clinical trip to Dominican Republic Jan 2017. Will post next one as soon as I have a date. If you have local group who wants to go let me know. Have connections in Dominican Republic and Uganda .Email me at for info

Santiago, Dominican Republic trip Oct 3-16,2017 email me for application $500 preceptor fees Low cost airbnb that fits us all with amazing gardens booked ! Had great trip there in Jan 2017 ready to go back . Many Drs spoke English too ! NEW option of a 2nd 2 weeks now available so can go for whole mo of Oct if you want ($350 preceptor fee will be for 2nd MW leading that last 2 weeks )!

Fill out new app on the web site see drop down tab if seriously interested and I will get back in touch with you.

Looking at possible trip 2 weeks this summer to Uganda .Let me know if interested…

Midwife To Be International

Can be watched live or by recording.   25 weeks long  (can use hrs in MTB also ) 10% discount if in MTB

Is a great way to learn to be a basic Midwife in 3rd world or emergency situations. Its also a good add on to MTB training as its a live overview  of prenatal, birth and PP using the book for Midwives. Teaching is done via wiziq (live seminar format) and is also recorded. can be started anytime as classes repeat.  see tab under MTBI out line for more info. come join us as we train/learn with others from around the world !

    • Tools and ideas that save Mothers and Newborns. Including anti shock pants for PPH.
    • Heartline Maternity Center in Haiti is raising funds for a bigger birth center.  The owner, Beth, has joined me on a clinical trip in the past and is a graduate of MTB.  If you can help please visit:
    • World Health Organization (WHO) Midwifery toolkit 
    • Hesperian Foundation. Publisher of A Book for Midwives used in this training and also other books like Where There is No Doctor and other village books.
    • Cultural Competency class on line using wiziq. (required for trip if you haven’t had. Also needed for NARMS CPM )  $25.
    • My NEW web site . Send me links , blogs etc for review for site as you find ones that may help save lives and make birth better in places of need. Looking for someone to help run this site .

  $250 if living in developed country

$125 if from developed country serving in under developed country 

$50 if from and living in developed country 

 $250 link. Email me about other options.


Take Midwife to Be online!

Enroll in the online courses through Moodle!

Midwife To Be Course on Moodle

In Moodle you will be asked to create an account. Once you do, begin at Phase 1, Unit 1 with the code you will be given once your registration and first unit fee is received.

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