MTB International


Midwife To Be International

Video course that can be watched remotely.   25 weeks long  (can use hrs in MTB also ) 10% discount if in MTB

Is a great way to learn to be a basic Midwife in 3rd world or emergency situations (Including emergency doula births, unassisted childbirth etc). Its also a good add on to MTB training as its a live overview  of prenatal, birth and PP using the book for Midwives. Teaching is done via recorded zoom class. It can be started anytime (see tab under MTBI out line for more info)


Enrollment: (Contact Lisa directly to enroll: 

$250 if living in developed country (From USA and living here for example)

$125 if from developed country serving in under developed country (From USA and serving in Uganda for example) 

$50 if from and living in under developed country (From Uganda and serving in India  for example)