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Dominican Republic Clinical Trips

Feb 23- March 6, 2014

Dominican Republic Clinical trips are back !  We will be in 2 hospitals Large one in the Capital Alta Gracia  100 births a day was told ! It was non stop last time we were there too ! And then will end with  3 days at a smaller hospital in La Romana a tourist beach town with a smaller hospital 15 births a day. We will make sure you get some beach and tourist time in the capitol too !

Video of pictures from one of the Dominican Republic Trips..

 Advanced students should get hands on deliveries with  a LM or CPM apx 3-5 students to a MW. (may have 1-3 teams that will rotate). Students will be working with Dominican Drs and nurses too which are mostly Spanish speaking. (So Spanish speaking students /MW are of great help ! ). Note these catches wont count for NARMS requirements of catches but you will be learning alot !Must be in a Midwife course and have recommendation from preceptor to go as advanced student. Preceptors once there will also have to be comfortable with your skill levels for catches.Newborn exams can also be done.

 Beginner students, doulas & helpers  will have plenty to do. These moms labor alone . Usually 20 or so in a room . I must say they do quite well with out us as they are lucky if they have a sheet and you hear little complaining! They all go natural too  with little help from overworked staff ! Back rubs, hard candy, help to delivery room, help with baby,baby photos, baby packs, gifts for moms and staff etc will keep you busy ! Advanced students and MWs will be helping with all of this also.

Lodging : At local hotel will be paid by self and can share rooms to save $ if wanted. We will do our best to hook you up with a roomate if desired.We will let you know where on MTB Int yahoo group and recommend booking room before we go.

Food : Will be on your own. Hospital might feed us some meals. We can shop in nice supermarket and can cook some in room and we can also eat our depending on desires of the team.There is lots of fresh local tropical fruit and veggies as low costs there and supermarkets run about the same price as in USA

Transportation : costs will be shared by all. A Van will probably be rented and taxis may also be used if necessary.We will have figures once we know size of team and its to be paid at airport.

Leader fees: Lisa Aman LM and Pastor Veronica (Dominican have been leading these teams since 2007) . They each split $400 fee per student for us to be able to continue to lead these trips.  There is ALOT of behind the scenes work in setting them up. We are not including lodging , food etc as we will be in capitol and students will have more options this way with food, and lodging depending on their budget.

Donations : 2- 50 lb trunks are to be collected and donated to the hospital and moms (This is the fun part- for me anyways ) ! Its quite easy to get supplies once you get the word out. Your personal should go in carry on and also back pack (purse ) . As this is international flight 2 should be free. We are also requesting each student bring a wheelchair to donate to hospital. They will be at airport to meet us and collect wheelchairs. There is a great need for them ! Those should also be easy to find and should fly free. Tell them when getting ticket you will have wheelchair.  I will list supplies needed in order of importance.

wheelchair best /walker 2nd best

Medical supplies  (stethoscope, instruments, bp cuff,  basic medical )

chucks pads, sheets single bed, hand sanitizer, GLOVES (must have own ones)

small gifts for staff flashlights, headlamps, pins for scrubs, soap etc

baby items for packs (infant summer, small blankets, diapers , hat, socks )

small soaps, shampoo, pads, washcloths etc for new moms

clothes for new mom (some times they need change of clothes and family may not be there) flip flops, sandals, towels etc

Spanish breastfeeding info, gal size bags for baby packs, trash bags small for moms wet clothes,

  Scrubs  (will post color on yahoo group ), Lab coat white long sleeves for walking hall way, white shoes or  sneakers. We will provide name tags .

Email Lisa Aman LM at for application

Note : This is not birth as you may know it if you are use to only working in the USA but will have wiziq chats before we go to try to update you on details and to help ease any culture shock.

This is a go at your own risk  trip. There are risks involved in trips like this from Malaria to crazy drivers and body fluids in the hospital. We will do our best to keep you safe and will send more info on recommended items to take.


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