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Lisa Aman, LM
Owner Midwife To Be

I’ve known I wanted to be a Midwife since 1975 when I was pregnant with my first baby at age 15.  I moved to The Farm in Tennessee after the baby was born to start training to be a midwife.  Little did I know it wouldn’t be that easy.  I did get to take pictures for Spiritual Midwifery and other books, but didn’t get to start training until I lived in California at age 17.  I was then living with a previous Farm Midwife and went to my first birth to assist while I was in early labor myself with a breech!  Later the next day, I ended up with a C-section for failure to progress.  I then moved to Texas and trained with many different midwives and had my third boy VBAC at age 21 almost in the hospital parking lot.  Soon after, I became a Christian and have been serving God ever since.

After taking the EMT class and the Association of Texas Midwives course, I started practicing in Texas.  Eventually, I relocated to South Carolina where midwifery is legal and there was only one other midwife in the state at that time.  I have been licensed here and training midwifery students since 1985 and created this course with their help all the while continuing my own midwifery practice, New Life Home Birth.

I am married to husband Chris, and am a mother to 3 boys and 1 girl.  My daughter was born on my birthday weighing 10lbs 14oz and was my first homebirth.  Time has passed and I am adjusting to the word Grandma and loving the role.  I was so privileged to catch two of my own granddaughters born at home!  My hobbies are Bible study home group, sewing, mosaic tile work, gardening, raw and other healthy foods, camping and mission trips among many other interests.  We are building a retreat/teaching center here where we live on the Saluda River with a waterfall in the back yard and have lots to impart.  Consider joining us with your family or group.

Lisa Aman LM
120 Barbrey Dr
Easley SC 29640

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Denese Norris, LM RN

Backup Midwife and Midwife To Be Skills Instructor

I loved the Midwife-To-Be course!! As a mom of 5 children (now 6) Lisa Aman’s MTB course was perfect for me. It allowed me to work/study at my own pace and take tests when I was really ready; not when an instructor said a test was due. There were skills weekends that I attended that were both informative as well as fun. They were like spa weekend retreats. We ate a healthy, vegetarian diet and did crafts during off time. The view/sound of the rushing river mere feet away was breath taking! The cost of the course was extremely affordable. It is a pay-per-unit course so I was able to pay as I went along. It meant a lot to me too, that the instructor of the class was a fellow believer. I give the MTB course a 10 out of 10 score!



Valerie Goodman is an RN IBCLE at The University of Virginia Hospital. She is a founding member of the UVa Breastfeeding Medicine Program that serves all hospitalized and outpatient mother baby dyads across the breastfeeding experiance.
She has presented original work at the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine annual conference, she is a regular presenter with Lactation Education Resources and has contributed content to the Virginia Department of Health/UVa Breastfeeding Consortium. Valerie also teaches about human lactation in the UVA school of Nursing. Her area of specialty is supporting NICU babies and moms. When people ask ,” You help the moms with new babies?” Valerie would say “I help the babies with new moms.” Valerie loves her work and lives in Charlottesvile Virginia with her husband, two teenagers, several miniature horses, cats and bunnies.



Heather Fairchild earned a B.A. in Psychology and is a candidate for a Master of Education degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the daughter of Lisa Aman and a consultant for the program. As a consultant, Heather provides an outside perspective for the advancement and streamlining of Midwife To Be. She was also born at home naturally on her moms birthday weighing 10 lbs 14 oz !

Heather's Grad-31 (2)





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