MTB International Course Outline

MTB International live class

  •  Uses wiziq (live web seminar ) 
  • No experience necessary
  • Great for missionaries, unassisted birthing, emergency births, doulas etc 
  • Using  A Book for Midwives from Hesperian Foundation  (can download)
  • $250  . reg price..  $125 for those serving in 3rd world.. $50 for Midwife students in 3rd world
  • 1 hr a week x  25 classes recorded in case you miss any
  • Can start at anytime as class will repeat so you can get them all in. (or watch ones missed in recording) Email for next start date.
  • Can do along with MTB course for extra hrs and live  training
  • Taught by Lisa Aman LM  who appeared on National Geographic “Doomsday Castle” show as training Midwife.

To sign up email me in contact box at bottom for application.


Unit 1: Words to Midwives and Treating Health Problems

Unit 2:  A Woman’s Body in Pregnancy and Helping Women Stay Healthy

Unit 3:  Preventing Infection

Unit 4:  Common Changes in Pregnancy

Unit 5:  Learning a Pregnant Woman’s Health History

Unit 6:  Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Transport and other Health Factors

Unit 7:  Prenatal Checkup For Mom

Unit 8: Prenatal Checkup for Baby

Unit 9:  Getting Ready for Labor and Birth

Unit 10:  Giving Good Care During Labor and Birth

Unit 11:  Stage 1 of Labor-Baby

Unit 12:  Stage 1 of Labor-Mother

Unit 13:  Stage 2 of Labor

Unit 14:  Stage 3 of Labor

Unit 15:  Miracle Hour and Cleanup

Unit 16:  First Weeks After Birth for Mother

Unit 17:  First Weeks After Birth for Baby

Unit 18:  Breastfeeding

Unit 19:  Family Planning

Unit 20: Sexually Transmitted Infections

Unit 21:  Advanced Skills for Pregnancy and Birth

Unit 22:  Pelvic Exam

Unit 23:  Care for Woman When Pregnancy Ends Early

Unit 24:  Getting Medical Help and Low-cost Equipment

Unit 25:  Medicines

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