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Clinical trips to serve in L&D in 3rd world

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“Becoming a midwife is no small task and the journey can be long. I’d lived in Haiti almost 20 years at 1st doing orphan care and I often wondered about why so many women were dying in childbirth. Midwifery, for me, was the answer and we started a prenatal program and I started academics with MTB. The units built on each other and the books often repeated information which was perfect for a student learning alone in a distance program. I labored through each unit one after the other building my skill and knowledge base. This February I took and passed the NARM. I went in not sure what to expect, I came out knowing MTB and my preceptors had fully prepared me.
It’s a lot of work and it should be. I think Midwife To Be helped me to become a confident and competent midwife and I sure did not start out that way. It’s a thorough program that demands a lot of a student who will in turn become a successful midwife giving quality care to her clients.”
Beth McHoul
Heartline Maternity Center
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Midwife To Be

MTB (Midwife To Be) was originally made to meet the needs of apprentice students Lisa trained in South Carolina. Having grown, it now serves students worldwide. There have been many changes over the years and it keeps improving. The freedom of the course allows you to work at your own pace. There are resources within the course that connect and network you to other students, preceptors, educational tools and much more! A lot of the students go on to get their NARMS CPM doing the PEP route and some get their LM in MTB approved states.

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