Midwife To Be is broken up into 3 Phases. In each phase, there are a few recommended books to have in your own personal library
as they are wonderful reference books for your journey as a midwife. In addition to the core books I recommend, you will
read a variety of books from the book list below and submit book reviews and tests each Unit. Below are the recommended books
for each phase. Some books are used in multiple phases.

Phase 1:                                                   TEXT Books

          • Holistic Midwifery (Volume 1)  Frye
            Unit 1    
          • Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery
            Unit 1 
          • Varney’s Midwifery (latest edition if possible; not the mini book)
            Unit 1
          • Maternal-Newborn Nursing
            Unit 2
          • Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year • Frye
            Unit 3 
          • Birth emergency Skills training
            Unit 3
          • A Midwife’s Handbook • Sinclair
            Unit 7