Midwife To Be is broken up into 3 Phases. In each phase, there are a few recommended books to have in your own personal library as they are wonderful reference books for your journey as a midwife. In addition to the core books I recommend, you will read a variety of books from the book list below and submit book reviews and tests each Unit.

Below are the recommended books for each phase. Some books are used in multiple phases.

Phase 1:                                                   TEXT Books

                                                                                 (best to buy)
    • Holistic Midwifery (Volume 1)  Frye Unit 1    
    • Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery  Unit 1 
    • Varney’s Midwifery (latest edition if possible; not the mini book) Unit 1
    • Maternal-Newborn Nursing  Unit 2
    • Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year • Frye Unit 3 
    • Birth emergency Skills training Unit 3
    • A Midwife’s Handbook • Sinclair Unit 7 

NOTE can type in any other books from list you are looking for in search box

TEST on Books

 (can buy or borrow)
  • Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Spiritual Midwifery
  • Heart and Hands
  • Natural childbirth the Bradley way
  • Labor Progress Handbook (replaces special Delivery )
  • Prescription for Dietary Wellness
  • Active Birth
  • Easing Labor Pains
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives (replaces Medical Terms )
  • The complete Aromatherapy and Ess oil HB for Everyday Wellness(replaces Immaculate deception)
  • Physical Exam by Bates
  • Maternal Newborn Nursing (see above text books )
  • A Midwives Handbook (see above in Text Books )
Phase 2:

TEST on Books

 (can buy or borrow)
    • Birthsong Midwifery Workbook • Singingtree
    • Human Labor & Birth • Oxorn & Foote
    • Obstetrics & the Newborn • Beischer & Mackey
    • Naturally Healthy Pregnancy • Parker
    • Holistic Midwifery (Volume 2) •  Frye (replaces 5 Standards of childbirth )
    • March Of Dimes con Ed for Nurses..Pick one of their workbooks that interests you LINK
    • Empty Arms
    • Pregnancy Childbirth and Newborn


  • A guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy
  • Counseling the Nursing Mother
  • Pushed  (replaces American Way of Birth )
  • The Baby Book
  • Mommy Diagnostics
  • When Survivors Give Birth

Phase 3:                                                             TEST on Books

    (can buy or borrow)
  • A Cooperative Method of Natural Birth Control

(Note you will now be tested on previous text books listed )

Books are listed in the MTB Book Store below. Whether you check them out from the library, borrow, or purchase, this gives you an overview of the books we will use.

6 phase out books can be used until 3/1/2018 if possible best to use new ones listed. New tests are being developed (email if you need ). Old tests will be pulled 3/1/2018

OLD                                      NEW

Special Delivery                  Labor Progress Handbook

Med Terminology               A&P for Midwives

Immaculate Deception       The Complete Aromatherapy and ess. oil handbook..

MOD Alcohol Tobacco        MOD Addictions, drugs and abuse

The 5 standards of CB        Holistic Midwifery 2

American way of Birth        Pushed


Books not listed in MTB Amazon Book Store