Getting Started

Midwife To Be offers two options

Option 1

Your first option allows you to work at your own pace fitting into your schedule and needs.  There are no prerequisites.

Registration and Unit 1: $50
Other 29 Units: $25 each (pay as you go)

Midterm and final test if required in your state $25 each.

Charting, laws and protocols 2-hour web class with charts to use live or recorded $50.

Total cost $825

(10% off if paid in full) during 1st 2 units.
Enter first and last name and click Buy Now button to pay $50 via PayPal: (registration and Unit 1)

Payment options

>You will be entered into Moodle and a PDF will be sent usually within 24 hrs.


Option 2

Another choice is the Accountability Option.  This provides you with a half hour minimum of one-on-one time each month with a Licensed Midwife via WizIQ on the Internet or by phone (your choice ).   The prerequisite is to complete one unit per month.  This option helps keep you motivated and on task.  Students may begin the Accountability Option at any time. $50 a unit

*Accountability option:  $1525 ($1373 10% off paid in full) Email Lisa Aman  LM if you would like to register for this option. 


There is a comprehensive book list for each of the three Phases in the program.  For each book you read you will be required to do a short book report and take a test.  Some textbooks are read and tested a section at a time.  See book page (drop down tab ). 



Midwife To Be is done paperless at  Tests will be taken and graded instantly.  Course work will be submitted online to save mailing and time. The first unit is included with the initial fee. A PDF will be sent with the code for 1st unit.  Paypal is used to collect payment. For future units, a code is emailed instantly to enroll in that unit.  New quizzes and project outlines are being added as needed. Payments are non refundable as its a pay as you go course.


  • Join the MTB yahoo group for messages Yahoo! group  
  • Facebook group for Midwife To Be students
  •  Apprentice workshops..if local to SC see skills class tab
  • Charting, Laws, decision making and Protocols. $50 (live or recorded)
    · Documentation of client care through the childbearing cycle (sample charts to use)
    · Informed decision making
    · Principles of accessing and evaluating current research relevant to midwifery practice
    · Peer review, chart review, case presentation
    · Developing midwifery protocols
    · Data collection and analysis relevant to midwifery practice
    · Laws governing the practice of midwifery in the state

Taught by Lisa Aman LM since 1986 and owner of Midwife To Be


  • Midterm test and Final Test are an extra $25 each if required by your state or desired for NARMS practice
  • Add name to state section in Moodle to link up with other students. (study partner maybe ? )

Take Midwife to Be online!

Enroll in the online courses through Moodle!

Midwife To Be Course on Moodle

In Moodle you will be asked to create an account. Once you do, begin at Phase 1, Unit 1 with the code you will be given once your registration and first unit fee is received.

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