Skills Classes


Midwife Student Skills Classes

Midwife To Be in collaboration with Carolina Water Birth are offering 3 levels of classes for Midwife students .

Beginner level

  • How to find (and keep) a Midwife to work with
  • Study tips and paperwork
  • Conducting yourself as a student
  • Other ways to jump in (EMT, Doula , clinical trips etc )
  • Beginner skills from NARMS form 201 (explain, demo , practice and sign off as appropriate.)

Intermediate level  

  • Herbal use in Midwifery
  • Photography in pregnancy, birth and PP
  • The many ways to birth and props
  • Bumps in the road with training
  • Intermediate skills from   NARMS form 201 (explain, demo , practice and sign off as appropriate.)

Advanced level

  • Charting
  • Birth center vs homebirth practice
  • Finding clients
  • Setting up a practice
  • Advanced skills from   NARMS form 201 (explain, demo , practice and sign off as appropriate.)

Thurs 9-5 at Easley SC Lisa Aman LM

Fri 9-5 at Simpsonville SC Sandy Glenn CPM

Cost $250 per level (2 days training, 2 Midwives)

                                       2018 DATES :                                  

Feb 1-2 BEG

April 26-27 INT

June 14-15 BEG

Aug 2-3  ADV

Oct 11-12 BEG

Dec 6-7 INT

NOTE: Skills do not have to be done in order just note topics and do them as you feel ready to go over.

Link for NARMS skills list  PINK- Beginner / Green -Intermediate/ Blue -advanced. (NOTE: a new NARMS list is out for 2018 (basically the same but print that one off the NARMS site not color coded one in link). One in link is for  showing what skills in each class will attempted to be covered as time allows).

Please understand that clinical time is limited.  Discussion and explanation of the NARM PEP process and the NARM paperwork is NOT time efficient.  If you are having trouble understanding these details, please contact NARM or post your questions on the Yahoo! group or Facebook group and you are sure to get answers from seasoned students.   
Click Buy Now to pay $100 non refundable deposit (remainder due on 1st day of class) and you will be taken to PayPal to check out.  In PayPal please enter which class you are paying for in notes/comment area.  $250 per weekend (14 credit hrs). A registration page will then be sent to fill out and  should be sent back before class.


Skills FAQs: 

  • Taught by Lisa Aman, LM since 1985, owner of Midwife To Be and Sandy Glenn CPM
  • We will do skills demo, practice & sign offs when ready, discussions, hands on projects etc
  • Meals are potluck.  Prepare a healthy  dish for lunch. 12-1 pm
  • 14 hours per class.  (2 days 9-12 and 1-5)
  • May have guest speakers / back up Midwife instructor at times..
  • Class may be cancelled if less then 3 sign up, by 1 week before skills date . Will get full refund if so.
  • Bring skills book and NARMS application for check off if desired..
  • Can be possibly done in your area or on clinical trip if enough students are interested.
  • Thurs class held in Easley, SC in Lisa’s home
  • Fri class help in Simpsonville , SC at Sandy’s center  
  • (NOTE : June 2018 class is Thurs at water birth center and Fri at Lisas in Easley )

 “Skills classes have made me much more self confident in this role as future midwife. Being able to be hands on empowers new students to feel capable of performing these skills. Interacting with both new students and seasoned students provides peer accountability and experienced feedback respectively. I particularly love the relaxed atmosphere provided in order to not just accomplish some skills tasks but to interact with one another and glean from each other’s experiences. The open forum allows for students to learn visually, learn kinetically, and to learn auditorily.”

Wendy Owens
Student Midwife

                                                                                               Midwife TO BE Cultural Competency and Sensitivity 

This course is designed and taught by a combination of educators like Lisa Aman, LM with both qualified credentials and several years experience working with various clients as a midwife, traveling overseas to developing countries as a leader and teacher, and/or many years experience working with and studying about various cultures in the U.S. and around the world.

Although this course does not accommodate every culture that exists, it does implement various strategies and studying tools to aid health care providers when working with any given culture unfamiliar the provider. The authors and instructors of the Midwife-to-be Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Course are always open to adding as many resources, materials and new discussions to the course to remain up-to-date and accurate.

Good for dealing with clients from other countries in the USA but also required for trips over sees for MIDWIFE To Be or  DOULA TO  BE clinical trips.

1 hr using wiziq online class. Classes help as needed. Email for info on next one.Cost : $25

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